Why is My Dog Scratching and How To Solve This Problems

Lying in bed trying to fall asleep and all you can hear is the clique of your dog’s collar as he scratches, scratches and scratches or are you can hear are the of noxious mouth sounds as he chews and licks anywhere and everywhere.

He’s itchy. He’s trying to fix it. But why is he so itchy. Let’s investigate Dr. Holmes and welcome to another episode of Dr. Locke. We help people solve the mysteries of pets and it’s true that dogs scratch once in a while.

I mean, people scratch once in a while you get that edge in the center of your back that somebody helps you get feels also great or you have that each insider year you take a Q-tip gently rolling around in both of those situations will make the hair on her arms and back of your neck stand up because feels so good.

But what if your dog is scratching all the time and just doesn’t seem to be comfortable well there’s several different things that can make your dog itchy to the point where they just won’t leave their skin alone in the very first thing I look for when a dog comes into the clinic is itchy are parasites, bugs, and the first one I’m looking for are fleas.

People say, well, I’ve never seen a fleet my dog doesn’t spend much time outside and maybe true fleas are really hard to find and if it’s a choice between a person and a dog. The fleet is going to choose the dog every time because body temperatures are higher than ours have more first time in, so please prefer your dog for just a few around you may never see them but fleas can cause a lot of itchiness and sometimes actually had an allergy to fleas, which is even worse than just a few of them crawling around on their skin.

The other bug that we sometimes seem itchy dogs are tics. If you live in an area where there’s a bunch of different tics. They crawl around to your dogs.

Further, looking for a place to bite down and drink some blood and I can be really easy. I myself one time zone five tics on my dog after he was just in the backyard so there around we need to be aware of them and the other type of bug that can cause some itchiness in your dog are lights.

This is often called mange and most people when they hear the word means they think of a mangy mutt running around in the streets, but mange can happen to any dog but primarily to dogs that have weakened immune systems of younger dogs and their immune system is developing and other dogs that may have other skin problems, or may have another disease that weakens their system.

The two types of mites that we see most commonly, edema decks and start copies, edema, decks, lives inside of the hair follicle which is part of the skin that grows hair and so if your dog has a problem.

Edema decks will start to lose there for and their skin might become red and itchy diddly this is around the eyes on the pause and on the inside of the legs.

If your dog has her copies they can show up around your ears as AOC hair loss and dry skin itchiness around the ears and if you scratch their ear and their backflip moves like thumper.

Then they likely have start copies but all of these are easily prevented beasties. If you keep your dog on a flea and tick preventive like brave Actos enteric concrete dealio next card they all prevent fleas and ticks.

And even though they’re not labeled for them, they’ll often prevent mites as well, but please been on a flea and tick preventive your vet has look for these bugs and haven’t found any, then there’s something else that’s causing your dog to itch sometimes is just the fact that your dog is growing.

I have tons of appointments for dog directly for six months old, somewhere in that ballpark and the owner says the seven they started scratching more if they don’t have fleas and I don’t see the redness on their skin or any other indications of a problem.

I usually just attributed to their growing puppy puppy grows puppies grow really fast and so their hair is changing over from puppy for two adults for their skin is turning over, even more quickly than normal because skin dies and that’s what creates a lot of dust in your home actually is dead skin cells, but their skin is changing over and so are more prone to dry skin and they might scratch once in a while so I don’t see any issues with the skin itself.

I tell people just to keep an eye on their puppy. Watch for redness. Watch for irritation, but unless you see that the likely grow out of it.

Something else that a dog could be dealing with is a skin infection, especially during the summer time is warmer and the humidity increases dogs like labs and golden retrievers with really thick dense for can develop what we call hotspots for moist dermatitis.

This is where the area right around the skin gets a little bit humid little bit moist and maybe they have an abrasion on their skin scratch it, and the bacteria and yeasts that are always on the skin just kind of down into the top layer and develop an infection.

These infections can be very itchy and they can be really nasty and because this kind of losing that clumps.

The first together and prevents air from getting down in their enemies that seem to go in and shave that area to allow to dry out and send you home with some antibiotics and some medication to stop the itchiness but if there is not an obvious skin infection.

Your dog is not a puppy who’s growing and there aren’t any mites present but your dogs chewing in feet and scratching and scratching at their ears, your dog might have allergies yes dogs can get allergies and allergies to a lot of different things.

It could be trees, grasses, weeds, dust mites can get rid of those could be something in the food which is less common than environmental allergies like the one that is mentioned, but food allergies are usually the protein source, usually chicken or beef dogs can have allergies to corn we soy in a couple of other things but doesn’t much less common is more common for them to have a protein allergy and allergy to the chicken or beef so looking at what your dogs eating and don’t forget about the treats they’re getting is important to see if chicken or beef is a component.

Allergies can be very complicated and very tricky to deal with, so I always tell people if I think your dog has an allergy. This is probably going to be a fairly long road before we can figure out exactly what’s going on some dog you can get them to be perfectly normal.

Other dogs you try to get into the least amount of itch possible and sometimes you have to go visit a dermatologist to really figure out what’s going on. If none of these seem like there factors then there is the rare occasion that dogs just to and scratch themselves out of pure boredom.

Usually no dog will choose one spot to chew and lick is usually time right near their front foot that can create a little area that they licked the fur off of and they create what we call a lick granuloma where the skin is really thick where they’ve been looking and sometimes as anxiety or boredom behavior.

So we need to rule all those other things. I just talked about out before we decide yet. This is more anxiety or boredom and talk about ways to keep your dog from being bored and release their energy, both mentally and physically and address anything that may be causing anxiety.

I know this was a quick bullet point version of things that can make your dog be itchy but they’re all important things to think about, and most of them require your vet take a look at your dog to figure out exactly what’s going on and figure out the best medication for fixing these issues.