Why is My Dog So Itchy – The 5 Big Causes

If your dog is thought to scratching. In this article is for you is on so the question why is my dog site itchy by running through the five main courses of itchiness in dogs. I under products.

 If you’re not ready. So let’s jump into the five main causes of itchiness indulged in the first one is going to be infections. So this can be a bacterial infection or it can be a fungal infection or yeast infection is the other one.

There is often an underlying cause so that can beat some of the other things I’m going to be talking about so is important if you think you’ll dog has gotten infection then they get a proper diagnosis because otherwise it will likely come back or will be a recurrent problem further down the line I like to say these company bacterial infection so you get things like hotspots may be which I have patches of reading wet flames and painful skin.

You can also get ear infections as well so they often caused by the same things that can cause other skin infections might just be that as an infected caught Laura bikes or something like that.

 It’s become a little bit exhausting coursing itchiness I infections is my first main course of itchiness in Stokes out the next problem number two is going to be an old Lyme disease side angle glands of two sex either side of the back passage and if they become really full and enlarged become quite irritating and uncomfortable for a dog out.

 Some of them will scoop that farm along the ground to try and relieve the irritation, but others will chew and nibble and lick and scratch much like itchy dope with site definitely looks like by Ritchie Webb perhaps that may be just more uncomfortable, but itchiness will will be focused around that headset.

 I thought eyes around that title. Base on the very back part of the spotlight and I’ll be chewing and nibbling and they commit not quite sure they can then actually course and infection in that skin just because of the damage that that doing cells okay so my third course of itchiness in dogs is going to be parasites and this is a really common ones are fleas are the most likely had their common out the answer is not just in the warmer months will is a off prevalent men in the numbers.

A high of as our houses to get insulated and is better even in pretty cold climates. Fleas can be a problem in the middle of winter to oversee.

If you live in somewhere little bit warmer than phaser year-round program and should be treated as such we should certainly be thinking about flea prevention is a year-round issue.

So if you’re talking started itching and they haven’t had a recently treatment and that’s probably the first thing to try and do if you can’t see anything else wrong with them because it’s a very common problem and really it’s a frustrating trip to the vet.


 If we affect us to say well I can see fleas and give your flea treatment that could be something that you could applaud yourself safety the cost of consultation faith, but as well as fleas. We can also see Mike’s side of the big one.


 Hate is going to be sought cultic mange on the mange might courses really bad itchiness sickles’s thickening of the skin looking at a lot of skin damage as a result of the scratching dogs doing because it’s really that bad but there are a number of other marts as well and then likes is another problem that we don’t see quite so much of it is not very common but more certain in the areas where life artworks, but in your area may be more prevalent or certainly something to think about parasites of the third course of itchiness in dogs.


Number four. We’ve got actual skin conditions themselves. That could be dry skin. It could be greasy skin is coursing itchiness it might be that as an underlying hormonal abnormality that’s causing problems within the skin that’s coursing itchiness or it could also be a problem with the diet site.


 For example, a.that’s not good enough essential fatty acids and according the skin to be dry and not the course that I minute number five Ricoh allergic skin disease side.


This is another big one and not say along with parasites, allergic skin disease is probably the most common course of itchiness in dogs; number of different types of allergy the adults can suffer from so we got flea allergic dermatitis not actually an allergy to the flea saliva site even when there is only one or two please present that would normally cause a really severe problem with call if if your dog’s got flea allergic dermatitis that will have an intense really severe reaction to those parts just because of the allergy to the flea saliva and to pay is another cosmology selects actually in an allergy to environmental pollens or other things within the act, much like we have hayfever the courses.

Hasta Stefan’s needs and be snotty. Site H appears a bit like a hayfever for dogs. But rather than getting those symptoms, they getting great itchy skin and them.


You can also have a food allergy not not maybe as common as you might think we might have HUD but it is something that we see on a note to a regular basis and not often analogy actually to the protein parts of the thoughts that on the check-in wheel beef being the most common and then finally you can get allergies on cyclone technologies where something comes into contact with the skin or chemical or something like that.


 The court is a real itchy reaction, and then he goes on insect bites and allergy to insect bites by you get ready itchiness a load of itchiness and you can get inflamed life taught corrections they get the swollen bumps or just general swelling over the skin with a sports website.

Really those are the five main causes of itchiness and dog cervical infections require a new grab problems parasites frequent skin conditions that Ricoh allergic skin disease is important that we do get a proper diagnosis because a lot of these conditions will need ongoing management try and prevent them to from becoming a real problem in the future to prevent getting Watson to keep them under control site is important we get proper diagnosis to.


 If your dog is really itchy no idea why the trip to your vet is never going to be a bad idea okay so have you found this useful. If you got any questions please leave them in the comments envelope member to subscribe until next time Optronics. This is HEALTH because the family